Down East Saltwater Rentals

View of the Island from Coastal 1

“At night, on a clear night, from the east-west coastal road* that runs along the north shore of Frenchman's Bay, the lights of Bar Harbor are visible across the water. They line a dark shore with mountain behind – a great ocean liner floating upon the waters. If not clear, if fog or rain obscure, a keen sense of disappointment can settle in on the traveler.”

*[US Coastal 1]

About Us

Why not just: Down East Vacation Rentals?
That is because: if you are renting Down East and you are not on the water you are wasting your time.

We have a deep and abiding interest in Down East Maine in general and The Island and The Peninsula in particular; where “The Island” is Mount Desert Island, frequently referred to as MDI, and “The Peninsula” is the Schoodic Peninsula. The specific purpose of this site is to provide a marketplace for people who are interested in Down East salt water rentals. If you have Island or Peninsula salt water rentals you can list them here with us. The first six months are free. After that we charge $5 per month. That listing cost includes up to 15 images without additional charge. We charge a premium for Top of the List listings.