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View of the Island from Coastal 1

“At night, on a clear night, from the east-west coastal road* that runs along the north shore of Frenchman's Bay, the lights of Bar Harbor are visible across the water. They line a dark shore with mountain behind – a great ocean liner floating upon the waters. If not clear, if fog or rain obscure, a keen sense of disappointment can settle in on the traveler.”

*[US Coastal 1]

The Schoodic Peninsula

The Schoodic Peninsula is the next major geographic feature to the east of Mount Desert Island (MDI). It is bounded to the West by Frenchman's Bay and to the East by Gouldsboro Bay. Logically enough, it and MDI constitute the East and West sides of Frenchman's. Bay respectively.

Schoodic Peninsula

The political divisions are Gouldsboro and Winter Harbor with Winter Harbor carved out of Gouldsboro in the late 1800s – still some ill will there. Hamlets include:

Some of which have their own post offices and zipcodes. Other local place names include (in no particular order):

It should be noted that Schoodic Point, Schoodic Head, Little Moose Island and Frazer Point are all part of Acadia National Park. Little Moose Island is a bar island and not reachable within two hours of high tide. However, if you pay attention to the tide tables (a copy of which is posted on the island) it is well worth a visit. If you do not pay attention you can get your feet wet or worse - suffer the ignominy of being rescued by a park ranger (this last happened to some friends of ours - they were having a very good time and lost track of same).

Petit Manan Light on Petit Manan is visible from many vantage points on the Peninsula. Other lights include the Prospect Harbor Lighthouse. There is also a converted lighthouse in the middle of Winter Harbor just off the Grindstone - the Mark Island Light.

Speaking of Petit Manan, the Petit Manan Wildlife Refuge on Petit Manan Point is well worth a visit. Note however that it is not open to the public until after the shore bird nesting season is over - sometime toward mid-July.

The Inner Harbor at Winter Harbor

Looking west across the top of Frenchmens' Bay

Looking west across the top of Frenchmens' Bay

Tidal pool at the very end of Little Moose Island - the very point of Schoodic Point
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